Saturday, February 26, 2011

December/January/February Project Continues

Another beautiful morning here at the Americus Garden Inn. While I am waiting for guests to come in for breakfast, here is a recap of the latest progress on the renovation project. As of Monday afternoon, the siding above the kitchen window was at this point.
As we had guests through the week, the hours the men could work were limited. But, by Thursday, the beadboard was installed on the north side of the house. This had to be special ordered to match the exact dimensions of the original.
Kim had prepainted the siding and while the ladders were still in place, he was touching up the paint after it was installed.
While Kim was using the ladders, the work on the beadboard continued at the lower level.

Besides the touchup work, Kim also did some caulking.

It's a good thing he does not have a problem with heights!

That is about where we are today. You can see that the band of beadboard below the siding has been finished. Monday, weather permitting, the last major section will be done. I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your virtual visit to the Americus Garden Inn. Visit again soon.

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