Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Glorious Spring at Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Americus, Georgia.  Please join me for a quick tour of the blossoms you can see right now in our garden at the Americus Garden Inn B&B.
This year, the azaleas have really put on a show for Spring.
The phlox is blooming in the stone arch garden.
A few flowers have just appeared on the Spanish lavender.
Beautiful clumps of yarrow adorn the garden.
But, the azaleas are the star.
We have quite a few varieties throughout the garden.
It's easy to miss this absolutely stunning iris blooming along the path.
This salvia has been providing lots of nourishment for the bees.
 and more azaleas.
The weigela has just started to show some color.
This particular snowball bush is incredibly prolific this year.
Nancy of Robin Hill Azalea
Blossoms on the yoshino cherry tree.
More azaleas
There are actually a few blooms still visible on the saucer magnolia.
Last, but not least, the Chinese fringe tree is in full bloom.

Thanks for joining me for a quick garden tour.  Hope to see you in person, soon!