Saturday, February 5, 2011

Americus Garden Inn December project now the "Winter Project"

Greetings from the Americus Garden Inn. The December project is now officially the "winter project". We are hoping to finish soon. When we have guests staying with us, we do not allow the workers to come as we do not want our guests to be disturbed or inconvenienced in any way. Between guests and weather, this is taking much longer than expected. Since I haven't posted in awhile, allow me to share what has been accomplished. Remember, if you click the photos you can see a larger view.
Here you can see front upper corner is wrapped and ready for siding. On the lower level, the old siding has been removed.
A closer view of the exterior of the living room, or ladies' parlor before insulation. Kim is working on the window trim.
The upper balcony has had old siding removed. Insulation and Tyvek are done.
The west side of the Burgundy Suite is what you see in this photo.
This is the south side of the Burgundy Suite.
Insulation went up quickly and it was wrapped in Tyvek.
The work begins on the exterior of the Veranda and Magnolia Suites.
The siding around the Veranda Suite was removed and the space between the upper and lower floors was prepped for the fiberglass insulation to be blown into the cavity.
The insulation was installed, Tyvek wrapped and siding put up.
As of yesterday, this is where we are on this project. We had to special order bead board to match the original and it has not yet arrived. I can almost see the finish line...
Thank you for visiting the Americus Garden Inn blog. We hope you'll visit again soon.

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