Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cowbirds in Americus

Yesterday afternoon, the cowbirds descended upon the trees in our yard.I watched through the kitchen window as flock after flock joined the others in the pecan tree.
As the new birds joined the group, they all would slightly rearrange themselves.

If you can imagine these photos in one of those old fashioned books where you would flip the pages to see movement, that is how they are intended.

If you click on the photos you can see a larger image and you will realize how many birds are really in the tree.

Our guests were outside taking photos of the birds, too. Outside, the birds were deafeningly loud.

And, just when it seems like the tree couldn't possibly hold another bird

They all took off at the same time for another tree.

There were birds flying from all different directions, swirling through the sky, and they all landed on another pecan tree in my neighbor's yard. Dusk was just falling.

Once again, they all took flight at precisely the same time.

I stood outside with our guests just watching in amazement as the birds took to the sky. It was one big blur of birds and they were gone.

Although cowbirds are not exactly my favorite birds, they stay still long enough to take a photo with my camera!
Hope you enjoyed the Cowbirds in Americus from the garden of the Americus Garden Inn.

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