Friday, September 23, 2016

Daytripping from Americus - A Tale of 3 SouthWest Georgia Vineyards - Chapter 2

When we first came to Americus, in 2002, there was a beautiful golf course right here in Americus known as Wolf Creek.  During the economic downturn, the golf course closed.

In 2013, two brothers and a cousin decided to bring the land back to life, not as a golf course, but as a vineyard.  
It is a beautiful property with over 100 acres of lakes.

I really enjoyed seeing all the wildlife including dragonflies and fish.

I am so easily distracted - back to the muscadine grape vines.
They are planted on the old golf course fairways.

When I visited in August, the grapes were not quite ripe yet.
They have 9 different varieties of grapes planted.

The vines were overflowing with grapes.

They have raspberry vines, too.
Jerry English, one of the owners, was kind enough to show me around.  This is where the grapes turn into wine.  From what I've heard, these bottles are now full of this year's vintage.
We had the privilege to try some of their first attempts from last year's crop.  I can honestly say that it was DELICIOUS!
They have recently come up with their new logo and the Wolf Creek Plantation store will be opening in November 2016.   If you might enjoy some Southern muscadine wine, be sure to check it out. 

Thanks for visiting the Americus Garden Inn blog.  Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of A Tale of 3 SouthWest Georgia Vineyards.