Sunday, March 27, 2016

An Easter Walk Through Oak Grove Cemetery

I saw this gorgeous tree from the road and decided I had to stop and take a quick look.  It looked like a huge wisteria tree.
The scent of wisteria was so strong that it took my breath away.
As I strolled along, I noticed the blooming dogwood trees.
There was this one lone lily growing through the grass.
These white iris were covered with insects of some kind.
I'm not sure what these are, but, they were everywhere.
These were, too.
The yoshino cherries were in bloom.
And, there were still quite a few camellias.
This one had an insect visitor.
This camellia was full of ants.
These have been blooming for months and are just about done for the season.
This camellia was particularly beautiful.
Another blooming dogwood tree.
I love these little white flowers.
And, as I left, I had one more opportunity to enjoy the wisteria.

Thank you for joining me on my Easter Sunday walk.  Hope you'll come visit us and we can take a walk together, in person!
Happy Easter.