Saturday, May 22, 2010

It Feels Like Summer Already in Americus

It's hard to believe it's only May 22. Here in Americus, the school year has ended and the temperature, in the shade on the porch, is over 90 degrees. This morning our first course for breakfast was double chocolate almond scones. I think this is my most requested recipe as they are "melt in your mouth" delicious.
Our guests had a fresh fruit medley of kiwi, strawberries and freshly picked blueberries. The main course was a salsa omelet with cornmeal buttermilk pancakes made with stoneground organic cornmeal and nonfat buttermilk, of course.
One of our cats brought home this new friend to play with. It's a good thing they are not allowed in the house!
Some black-eyed susans making their debut in the side yard.
The first of the red cannas started blooming today.
The cannas are taking over the entire bed and we need to start weeding them out, soon."Fried banana" hosta is a variety that thrives in sun and is doing beautifully next to the Black Elephant Ears. I'll take some photos of them when they are a little larger.
The first lantana flowers from the back garden are a pink variety.
This butterfly was feasting on the pink echinacea. In this photo, you can really see the antenna.
Here, you can see its proboscis inserted into the flower.
Thanks for visiting the Americus Garden Inn today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Buds, Berries and a Dragonfly

This dragonfly insisted on posing for me. You can see its sweet face. Here is the side view.

The vitex tree is full of buds.
I was looking at the nandina buds and realized there were clusters of bright red berries hidden in the foliage.
The oakleaf hydrangea blossoms have started to change color from white to pink.
A couple of weeks ago, I posted this photo of the sago palm which had just shown signs of life.
Can you believe this is the same sago palm today?
Absolutely unbelievable!

Wishing you a fabulous day.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pineapple Guava and Blueberries

It's a muggy day in Americus, but I thought I'd share a few more photos. Pineapple guava blooms are supposedly edible. They are so pretty that I thought they might make a great garnish for breakfast. I tried one. I think I'll leave them where they are.
The blueberries are ripening already. Our guests have been enjoying them.
This is the bed at the start of the back path. Purple queen in front, "happy returns" daylilies in the middle and ruby lorapetalum in the back.
The mini nandina is full of buds.
You can tell why this oleander is called "hardy pink".
Yesterday, there was only one "little business" daylily. Look at it today.

Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magnolias, Hydrangeas and Whirling Butterflies

The magnolias have just started to bloom. The cranesbill geraniums are lush.
The ligustrum hedge is full and fragrant.
Endless summer hydrangea are just beginning to show their color.
A beautiful magnolia specimen.
Buds are evident on the unique hydrangea
and the variegated hydrangea.
I love this flower, whirling butterfly gaura. It looks like it is dancing in the breeze.
It may look like black-eyed susans, but, this is yellow echinacea.
There are so many things blooming in the garden, it is difficult to keep up. Hope you enjoyed today's photos. Come see us again soon.

Breakfast and Gardens in Americus

Our guests are sleeping in this morning, so, I thought I'd share what we are having.Delicious chocolate muffins
followed by tropical fruit medley with fresh blueberries from our garden.
Smoked turkey strata accompanied by banana buttermilk whole wheat pancakes.
This crinum lily is in the front of the house.
The first dragonflies have just appeared. Do you see the dragonfly in the photo?
How about this one?
The gardenias by the entrance just started to bloom and the fragrance welcomes you to our home.
The first "little business" daylily of the year.

The oleander on the side of the house has really filled out.
There appears to be fruit on the persimmon tree.
One of the salvia plants in the garden.
Another photo of the salvia.

Wish you were here with us enjoying breakfast.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre Mother's Day Tour in Americus

This is the view from the veranda. The oakleaf hydrangea have an intoxicating perfume.Looking the other way, still on the veranda, the canna lilies are taking over the side yard.
You can see the iris, the daylilies, black-eyed susan's and the cannas.

From behind the stone arch, there are rozeanne geraniums with pink and yellow echinacea on the opposite side.

The oakleaf hydrangea, from the front of the house, appears to be overflowing with blooms.

Another view of the hydrangea against the veranda.

From the side yard, looking west towards the front, the parrotia tree has leafed out.
You can see the pecan tree on the right, the ruby lorapetalum left front, goldmound spirea towards the center and the huge azaleas to the left of the parrotia. In the far right corner, knock-out roses and little gem magnolias.
A closer look at the goldmound spirea shows how it got its name.

A close-up of the flowers on another variety of spirea.

The first blooms of the crinum lily.

Come see the garden for yourself at the Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast.
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