Monday, February 28, 2011

December/January/February Project Goes into March

Today has been a stressful day at the Americus Garden Inn. In order for the siding to be removed from the exterior of the Veranda Suite, the electricity to the house needed to be disconnected so the electric receptacles could be safely moved. This is how we started the day. But, it was very damp and cloudy (sunny off and on) and looked like it might rain any second. Remember to click the photos for a larger view. Do you see where the electric connects to the two boxes (shown above) through the tube and across the low roof to the pole?
They started removing the old siding while we waited for Georgia Power to disconnect the electric.

When the guys are in demolition mode, things usually go pretty fast.

Georgia Power arrived.

He clipped the electric cables to the house.

Work started immediately on removing the electric boxes as we did not want the electricity to be off for too long.

The men continued to remove the old siding.
At around noon, this is how far the work has progressed.

The new insulation was installed.

The area was wrapped in Tyvek.

That is as far as they got.

It is a good thing that we do not have anyone staying with us tonight or tomorrow as there is no electricity in the house. Of course, that would be a more authentic 1847 experience...

Thanks for visiting the Americus Garden Inn B&B blog and following along with our project. When it is all done, we will be so happy!

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