Monday, September 29, 2014

September Garden Highlights from Americus Garden Inn

Here are some of my favorite photos from our garden this month:

A lady butterfly in the butterfly bush
An anole in the purple queen

The very fragrant bloom of the banana shrub

A green/bronze frog beside our pond

Our resident bullfrog underneath the waterfall of the pond

The canna lilies in bloom

Black Tiger Swallowtail

The state butterfly of Georgia - yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly (female)

Yellow tiger swallowtail butterfly - male

Common whitetail dragonfly - female

Common whitetail dragonfly - male

The young fox that has been visiting our garden.

A perfect gardenia blooming beside the porch

A goldfinch in the echinacea

A crab spider in the echinacea

A gray hairstreak butterfly in the echinacea

Whirling butterfly bush - gaura

A gulf fritillary in the lantana

A hackberry emperor butterfly on the red tip tree

The fragrant flowers of the creeping jasmine

One of my favorites - lespedeza

In the lantana, a longtailed skipper

Another fragrant bloom - magnolia

Mexican petunias

A praying mantis saying hello

A mockingbird almost ate this praying mantis for lunch.

The flowers of the purple queen.

A beautiful red spotted purple butterfly.

A six spotted fishing spider in our pond.

A sulphur butterfly resting in the garden

Thanks for visiting the Americus Garden Inn Bed & Breakfast online.  We hope you'll come stay with us for a few days and let us share our garden with you in person.