Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Daytripping from Americus - Ellis Bros Pecans in Vienna

When you think about Southwest Georgia, what nut comes to mind?  I'll bet your first thought was peanuts.  But, peanuts are actually not nuts, they are legumes.  The true nut that is farmed in our area is the pecan.  Where can you go to taste all the deliciousness that pecans have to offer?  You can go to Ellis Bros Pecans in nearby Vienna, Georgia, just off of I-75, exit 109.  As you can see, we decided to take a trip to see them in the rain.  It was the perfect rainy day activity.
The store is much bigger than it looks from the outside and all the pecans are from the family owned pecan orchard.  In one direction, pecans as far as the eye can see.  In the other direction, a small area was decorated for Christmas.
You quickly notice the vast variety of raw pecans and you can sample them all to taste the unique qualities of each variety.
We determined our personal favorite to be the "Desirable" variety and bought some for our family and friends.
There are sweet and savory coated pecans to sample.  Key Lime was an unexpected delicious surprise.
One of our personal favorites was the praline coated pecans.  These are amazing.
Then, you enter the chocolate zone.
Yes, you can sample all the different varieties in white, milk and dark chocolate.  They also have a sugar free selection.
The flavor that truly "knocked my socks off" was the Dark Chocolate Amaretto Pecans.  These are absolutely incredible.
Although most of the store highlights pecans, they do sell peanuts.
There is an exotic nut selection.
They even have okra chips.  Yes, you can sample these, too.
There were jars and bottles of marinades and barbecue sauce.
All kinds of local honey were available.
Fig and peach jams and preserves made right on premise.
Peanut butter, pecan butter and jams all available to taste.
Lastly, all kinds of syrup and ciders are also available.
So, if you are travelling to or from Americus on I-75, and you have a half hour to do something fun,  check out our friends at Ellis Bros Pecans.   Your taste buds will thank you.  They are open every day of the year, including holidays, from 8am - 8pm.  We plan to go back very soon because I'm out of my Dark Chocolate Amaretto Pecans...

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