Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Quick Garden Stroll in Americus

Every day, I make a point of taking the time to smell the roses, or, whatever else might be blooming in the garden. While waiting for our guests to return from their day's outings, I took a few photos for you to see. Remember to click the photos for a larger view. I just love this plant.
It's the curly filbert.

Right now, it is still leafless.

But, you can truly enjoy its beautiful form.

The saucer magnolias are still blooming.

I can't believe how pretty the weeping cherry is this year.

The ruby lorapetalum are still gorgeous.

You can see the plum tree is blooming and the oakleaf hydrangea is leafing out.

This caught me totally by surprise.

I was looking out the window of the Library Suite.

They weren't blooming yesterday.

But, today, the white iris have arrived.
Thanks for taking the time to join me in the garden at the Americus Garden Inn. Hope you are having a great day.

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