Wednesday, March 9, 2011

December Project; Lights go off and back on

We ended the previous day with our main electrical service being disconnected so that we could do the necessary work behind the panel boxes. This photo shows the start of the following day. Remember to click the photos for a larger view.By midday the band board, drip rail, bead board, window trim and a fair amount of siding had been installed.

Siding work continued after lunch with the goal being to get high enough to enable the attachment of the mast for the electrical service wires.
During this process, work began on reassembling the electrical meter panel and the wire feeds to the two 200 amp panel boxes.

Work continued above during electrical reassembly. We should have worn our hard hats. Thank goodness there were no mishaps.

The electrical mast was put into position and was secured on top of the new siding.

Siding was nearly complete at day's end.

A closer view.

The City Building Inspector approved our reassembly of the panel boxes and we waited for Georgia Power to return to reconnect us.

Georgia Power, thankfully, arrived and reconnected us as evidenced by the wires going to the electrical mast. Extreme caution was observed while doing touch-up painting.

Due to weather issues, guests and lack of materials, the work has been delayed for a few days. We will continue sharing the progress as it continues.
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