Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Beautiful March Day in Americus

Although the weather was perfect today, the contractor had another project that needed attention, so the workers did not come. They weren't here yesterday, either. But, that gave me a little time to enjoy the yard/garden and Kim has been working on touch up paint and caulk. When I looked out at the pond, several of the cats seemed very interested in what was under the surface. Unfortunately for one of the fish, one of the cats was successful in catching a big one. The leaves are starting to come in on the magnolias and the blooms are disappearing. The saucer magnolias are still gorgeous.
The society garlic is budding.

The ruby lorapetalum is still all covered in flowers.

The weeping cherry is prettier than ever.

And, every day, there are more iris.

This is truly the most beautiful time of the year in Americus. Wish you were here enjoying it with us. For the first roses of 2011, please visit us on facebook at

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