Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early November in Americus

Is the weather really unusual everywhere this year? Today, it is almost 80 degrees, so, I took a walk through the garden to see what is new. A lone daylily shines amongst the fallen leaves.
A few echinacea continue to bloom.
The Celeste fig tree still has figs. Maybe with the cooler weather the "figeater" beetles will not devour them before we can.
The brown turkey fig tree has a few barely ripe figs along with lots of immature ones.
Although the leaves of the Mickey Mouse plant are browning, the flowers are still abundant. Can you see the "face" in the flower in the center of the photo (it's facing towards the left).
If you click on the photos, you can get the true view. This mushroom is really interesting, isn't it?
A view from inside one of the oak trees.
The leaves of the oakleaf hydrangea are turning red around the edges.
Prompted by the cooler temperatures, the paperwhites are beginning to appear.
The leaves of the red dragon Japanese maple are so frilly and delicate.
The knockout roses continue to bloom.
We have several varieties of ruby lorapetalum in the garden. This one is really beautiful right now with the leaves showing green and ruby along with the almost fuschia blossoms.
That's the garden tour for today. Speaking of tours, Kim and I took a tour of the local coffee roaster today. Cafe Campesino specializes in fresh roasted, fair trade, organic coffee. We were treated to a "cupping" and enjoyed sampling quite a variety of coffees. If you visit us in person, we recommend that you take the tour. It was very interesting.
Thanks for visiting the Americus Garden Inn. Come back soon.

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