Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autumn Colors on a rainy day in Americus

To some, it might be a dreary day in Americus, Georgia. But, on a closer look, it is a beautiful autumn day at the Americus Garden Inn. I took this photo earlier today from the front gate. The sasanqua is in full bloom and the crepe myrtles are gorgeous this year. Remember, you can click on any photo for a larger view.This is the view from the parking area behind the house. The purple queen is, well, purple. The red rocket crepe myrtles turned a beautiful orange. However, the rain caused most of the leaves to drop making it appear that the trees has "melted".
One of the crepe myrtles in front of the house.
The Chinese flame tree still has the "pom poms" but the leaves at the top of the tree are now a bright yellow.
The holly berries are starting to turn red.
The nandina berries are already bright red like cranberries.
Every day, the oakleaf hydrangea shows more color.
One of our oak trees.
A view of the parrotia leaves up close.
From the distance, the parrotia tree looks orange.
The pistache tree has just started turning.
A fragrant gardenia has appeared by the porch entrance.
Today, the knockout roses are truly knockouts!
By the porch entrance, a single pink bud has emerged.
One of the two varieties of sasanqua in front of the house.
A close up of the other variety of sasanqua, from the bush in the front of the house in the first photo of this post.
It is hard to believe that we have been here since 2002. In the years we have been here, this is the prettiest autumn we have seen. Wish you were here enjoying it with us.

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