Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Almost Fall in Americus Georgia

It is hard to believe that September is almost over and Fall should be upon us. The temperatures here in Americus have been setting heat records in the 90s. I just took a stroll around the garden to see if there were any signs of autumn. (Remember to click on the photos for the larger image.)
As you can see, the water lilies are in bloom. Against the incredibly blue sky, the snowball bushes are displaying their "snowballs".
The sedum is flowering.
The salvia looks gorgeous.
The Mexican petunias have really filled out.
Amongst the oleander, I found lots of seed pods.
I found seeds in the Little Gem magnolias, too. Aren't they beautiful?

Kim just finished building this planter around the lantana. It looks great.
The brown turkey fig tree has a very peculiar aroma. Having never been around fig trees, I have no idea if that is normal. However, there are a lot of immature figs on the tree. We have yet to taste a fig from our trees...
I finally found a true sign of autumn. The dogwood trees are full of berries.
A closer look at the berries.

The Chinese Flame Tree is showing some color.
With the end of September upon us, this weekend is the Plains Peanut Festival which is a celebration of Plains, Peanuts and a President. It is an early birthday party for Jimmy Carter whose birthday is October 1, 1924. It's hard to believe that he is going to be 86 years old. We will be very busy as we already have every room reserved.
Next weekend, the first weekend of October, will be another local festival - The Andersonville Historic Fair. We still have rooms available if you want to join the festivities.

Thank you for visiting the Americus Garden Inn today. Wish you were here.

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