Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot and Sticky in Americus

It has been ridiculously hot here and I have not been outside much. However, the cats brought us this beautiful dragonfly.The red rocket crepe myrtles are absolutely beautiful right now. Obviously, they like this weather.

There are several banana spiders that have taken residence around the pond. The next few photos are of the spiders and their webs. Can you find the spiders? Hint: they are yellow and black and they tend to be in the part of the web with the zigzag design...

Can you see the intricacy of this web and the spider within?

How about this one? Remember to click on the photos to enlarge!

A side view of one of the spider webs really shows how intricately they are designed and how large they are.
Several years ago, there was a banana spider in one of our trees with a web so large and strong that a bird got caught in the web. We will relocate these spiders when their webs get too large...

To finish for today, a few flower photos:
black-eyed susans near the parking area
and a couple of water lilies in bloom in the pond.
Since I started this post, it has begun to thunder outside. Hopefully, the rain will cool things off a little. Thanks for visiting.

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blkfrhwk said...

wow, those spider webs are amazing.