Thursday, July 1, 2010

The First of July Hummingbird Tour of Americus Garden Inn

While waiting for our guests to arrive, I saw a hummingbird and grabbed the camera.I followed the hummingbird around the garden.
The hummingbird went from one bed of flowers to the next.

I followed and tried to get a good angle.

The hummingbird seemed to sample every type of flower in the garden.

But, every time I tried to take a picture, he had already moved on.

However, I didn't realize we had new buds on the saucer magnolia.

Or that the lythrum has really filled in beautifully.
The bed of stargazer lilies has exploded with blooms so fragrant you can enjoy them throughout the garden.
And, the crinum lilies continue to flourish in several beds scattered through the garden

Last, but not least, a single water lily is closing its petals for the evening.

Thanks for checking out the hummingbird tour. Hopefully, next time I'll actually get a picture of the hummingbird!

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blkfrhwk said...

that was a wonderful tour of the hummingbirds favorites. i'm sure she'll be back for more!