Thursday, July 15, 2010

Butterflies, spiders and kitty cats

The web between the hollies by the pond is so intricate and intriguing, don't you think?
I think I am becoming obsessed with the spiders. Remember to click the photos for a better look. When I was a child, our family would go to Montauk Point and whenever we used the public facilities there were always spiders that scared me. So, I just like to keep an eye on them so I know where they are...
See the banana spider in the middle of the iris? The red rocket crepe myrtles against the backdrop of the D.D.Blanchard magnolias is so beautiful.
Squeaky is taking a break from the heat.

Looks like Rufus took Squeaky's spot on the step.

In the sago palms, we found a wasp nest and the web below.

The purple butterfly bushes have these smaller spikes.

Whereas the pink butterfly bushes have a much larger bloom with a very sweet, candy-like scent.

There were a couple of beautiful butterflies enjoying the nectar of the butterfly bushes.

I followed them around in hopes of getting the perfect photo.

These butterflies were very large and never stopped beating their wings.

With the temperature in the shade at 94 degrees, there isn't much activity outside during the day. Hope you are enjoying your day wherever you might be.


blkfrhwk said...

i had forgotten about the daddy long legs at montauk. they were teeny compared to these banana spiders.

Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast said...

I remember that there were the larger jumping spiders. Of course, from a child's perspective, they were huge...