Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deneen Stoneware Mugs Coming Soon to Americus

Years ago, when we first started looking for a B&B (we've been at the Americus Garden Inn almost 9 years...), we first fell in love with these beautiful mugs made by a company called "Cloth and Clay".
Many people collect these mugs in different styles and colors.
The company is now known as "Deneen Pottery" but the mugs are still the beautiful, HANDCRAFTED, stoneware - MADE IN THE USA!
We are working with Niles Deneen to decide on a style (or two) and a color (or two or three or four). He sent us these samples to experience Deneen mugs first hand. (Yes, the pun was intended...)
This is where we would like your help.
If you collect these mugs, do you have a particular style or color that you collect? If you have never seen these mugs before, please let us know, would you be interested in purchasing one with a beautiful emblem on the front featuring our gorgeous home along with "Americus Garden Inn", of course? Lastly, what color or colors would you like to see?
We truly appreciate your input on this project as the mugs will be for YOU, our wonderful guests and friends. I'm not going to tell you which one is my favorite, but, once I started using it, I haven't switched back to my old mug. You can view all the styles and colors at
Thank you so much for visiting our blog today. We look forward to your comments and suggestions. FYI: Americus Garden Inn Signature Blend coffee tastes even better in a Deneen mug!


Casey Allan said...

I've never visited your lovely inn, but as a fellow innkeeper just reading a little about the history, I say go for the Patriot. It seems like a mug shape that may have been popular around the time your inn was built. Plus it is new so collectors will most likely not have it yet.

For the glaze color, choose a few (we have repeat guests that buy a new mug if we have a color they don't have). Not sure what your logo or color theme for your inn is (ours is green), but from the look of the house in the photo the wisteria looks like it might go well (and the wisteria with the plum marble looks really nice). Maybe a Plum or Lilac one. Also don't forget to pick a color a man won't be ashamed to use (our Midnight Blue is very popular with the menfolk here). Good luck, you won't be disappointed, they mugs are fantastic!

Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful note, Casey. We truly appreciate your insights!

Sandee Wright said...

We visited more than ten years ago. If you inn is still that lovely lavender/blue-gray with white trim, I'd like to see your mugs reflect that.

Wisteria with the plum-white glaze, or the gloss (white) with blue trim -either would be a lovely addition to your inn.

As for shape, it would have to be the Queen's Cup, which echoes all the angles and flair of your architecture.

Ha, aren't you glad you asked?

Timberwolf Creek in Maggie Valley NC

Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast said...

Hi Sandee. I believe you visited our B&B before we were here, when Don and Jodi were the owners. We've been here since Dec '02. The property looks a lot different from when you were here. We added a beautiful, large porch in the back, an incredible Victorian strolling garden and we are almost finished putting new siding on the whole house. We're trying to restore its original 1847 magnificence.

I personally like the look of the queens mug, but, it is smaller than the round belly and footed and, more importantly, it doesn't keep the coffee as hot.

Thank you for remembering our inn and thank you for sharing your ideas!