Friday, July 22, 2011

The December Project Revisited in July

It must be a cold day in July... The guys came to work on the remaining portion of the Winter /December Project.

The work is being done on the bay window area between floors on the north side of the house.
It was previously covered with cedar shakes.
Insulating foam board was applied over the Tyvek over the plywood to gain additional insulation value in this area.Aluminum flashing was installed over the foam board.

The new shakes are made of the same material as the new siding (Hardie "cement board"), however, 5/16" thick vs the 5/8" thick siding. This difference in thickness allowed us to use the additional 3/4" insulating foam board in this area.

We had hoped they would finish this area in one day, but the 96 degree heat definitely affected the outcome.

So, the Winter Project continues... Stay tuned for future updates.

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