Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Warm days in Americus

The echinacea has started blooming in the rock arch garden.
The wild gladiolas have just begun to open.
The Mexican petunias are multiplying rapidly.
As I was checking the plants, due to the excessive heat, I felt something crawling on me and as I reached to brush it off
I realized it was a very small praying mantis!
Once it decided to climb on my hand,
it did not want to leave my hand.
Maybe, it was because I had moved into the shade and it was cooler.
I'm glad that I didn't hurt it.
We looked each other in the eye and said a prayer together for cooler weather.
The men are supposed to come work on the December/January... project tomorrow. Stay tuned! :)
Thanks for visiting. Stay cool and hydrated! Love from Americus.


bookworm said...

I think you have a baby praying mantis there. I did a google search and they have some photos.

Alana (former guest)

Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast said...

You are absolutely correct, Alana. Praying mantis babies, what a hoot! We have fish babies, frog babies, bird babies and now praying mantis babies. Thanks for posting!