Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Lights in Americus Georgia

Tuesday night, Kim and I took a drive around Americus to enjoy the Christmas lights. I thought you might enjoy them too! Please click on the photos to see a larger view. There is a street in Americus that always decorates to the max.I tried to get the "feel" of the flashing lights. Imagine Christmas music playing as you look at these photos.
It was a very cold night and it really felt like Christmas was coming soon.
At one of these houses, Santa usually sits outside and waves. It was too cold for Santa, he stayed inside.

This is a long shot to give you perspective.
I just love angels.
The gingerbread house was in the distance.
This yard was really full of decorations.
This one looked really pretty from the distance.
There is a huge live tree that gets decorated every year.
This year, the City Hall building was all lit up.
There was a show at the Rylander Theatre, "It's A Wonderful Life", a live radio show adaptation. Judging from the number of cars, it looked like a great turn out.

We were driving up Lamar Street and caught every red light, as you can see.
Kim took this beautiful shot of the Windsor Hotel, all lit up for Christmas.

Earlier in the day, I let the cats run around outside for a while. Rufus and Cinderella chased each other up the dogwood tree.

Here Squeaky is proclaiming himself to be "King of the Garden statue".
Thank you for your virtual visit to the Americus Garden Inn blog. We are just starting a major project and I will be sharing updates as we go along. Stay warm, stay happy. Hope you'll visit again soon.

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bookworm said...

Lovely shot of the Windsor Hotel. Thanks for sharing your photos.