Monday, December 27, 2010

Americus Garden Inn 2010 December Project

December is usually a slow travel month here in Americus Georgia. So, every year we plan a project that could not be done when we have a house full of guests. This year, the December project is replacing the siding on the main house and insulating to help with comfort and energy consumption. We had hoped to start the project early in the month, but, the crew was not available until the middle of December. Day one, the weather was not exactly pleasant.There were no surprises as the siding outside of the Scarlett Suite bath came down.
The siding from the kitchen wall has been removed in this photo.
Here is one of the surprises we found, burnt timbers from one of the many fires this beautiful house has endured. If you click on the photos for a larger view you can see the burnt area more clearly.
On the other side of the bay window there was more evidence of fire.
The insulation went up rather quickly.
They wrapped the area with Tyvek.
The siding outside of the Jacuzzi Suite and the living room came down next.
To insulate between the floors, we had fiberglass insulation blown into the space.
We were afraid he might fall into the wall... if he wasn't careful.It is really amazing to see the craftsmanship of days gone by. Remember, our house was built in 1847. All of the work that went into building something like this boggles the mind.
This is where I leave off for this post. I promise to continue documenting the progress of the Americus Garden Inn December project soon. Due to the fiercely cold weather, they did not work today and are not scheduled to work in the morning tomorrow.
Thank you for your visit. Hope you'll be back soon.

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