Sunday, May 21, 2017

Daytripping from Americus around Memorial Day

Memorial Day - A perfect time to visit Americus and Andersonville National Historic Site.
I had read that all 50 State flags would be raised at Andersonville National Historic Site
and decided to drive over to see them.
Unfortunately for me, there was not enough breeze to get photos of every flag flying.
However, I did get a few good shots.
The flags are around the perimeter of the parking area at the welcome center.
I wish I could have gotten a better look at all of the flags
because I definitely had never seen some of them before.
How many of them do you recognize?
I attempted to get every state represented.
Have you found your state flag?
Do you see any new ones for you?
If you watch The Big Bang Theory on television,
does this remind you of Sheldon and Amy
doing their "Fun With Flags" show?
I was thinking about that
the entire time I was attempting
to capture each and every state flag.
Along the road in the National Cemetery area,
they have raised the "Avenue of Flags"
comprised of 200 full size American flags.  It is really a sight to behold.
Thank you for allowing me to share the pre-Memorial Day commemoration  activities at Andersonville National Historic Site.  Wouldn't you love to see this for yourself in person?  We do have availability for Memorial Day weekend and would be happy to host your visit.
Hope to see you soon,

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