Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow in Americus Georgia in 2011

Since moving to Americus 8 years ago, the weather has changed significantly. Last winter, we had below freezing weather for several days at a stretch. This year appears to be following the same pattern. We woke up this morning to this sight. This photo is of the parking area near the pond looking down the driveway. It is one big slushy mess.
All of the trees are covered in icicles.
Without the sun to melt the ice, it has been gloomy all day.
The holly bushes have little icicles dripping from almost every leaf.
The magnolia trees look very much like the holly today.
One of the trees out on the street in front of the house.
The mailbox was picture-perfect.
Walking towards the back porch entrance
The persimmon tree
One of the planters along the path with the weeping cherry and the ruby lorapetalum
The bench facing into the garden near the camellia and bamboo
All of the bamboo is leaning over from the weight of the ice
The oleander is not taking the cold weather well.
The view from the back porch shows that although the pond pump is still circulating the water (look to the right at the running water) the left side of the pond is frozen over.
Glad you could stop by without going out in the cold! Hope you are staying nice and warm wherever you are. We hope you will visit the Americus Garden Inn blog again soon.

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