Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is it really Fall in Americus?

When you take a walk outside, you can see signs of autumn all around. The leaves of the tulip poplar are turning yellow.Although the pecans are not quite ready, some have started falling from the trees.
The parrotia tree has started to turn orange, but, only on the side that faces west.
Some of the nandina bushes are full of red berries.
Almost everyone asks us about this plant. It is a "false cypress".
Although the crepe myrtle trees still have flowers, the leaves have begun to change.
One of my favorite flowers of the season, the Confederate rose.
You might think that fall would bring cooler weather. Well, I just looked at the thermometer on the porch. In the shade, it is 88 degrees! No wonder the butterflies are still around.
Thank you for allowing me to share my day with you. Hope you are having a Happy Day.

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