Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Breakfast on a Beautiful Wednesday in Americus

It is my philosophy on life that you have to allow yourself brief moments everyday to feel connected to the world of nature, "to smell the roses" literally. In this hurried world, it is so easy to get caught up in the rush that you miss the beauty around you. Kim's knee high echinacea is distinctive due to its short stature and pink centers.
Often confused with the much smaller butterfly bush, the amazingly fragrant vitex tree is a butterfly and bee magnet.

On to today's breakfast menu
How about some date nut muffins? Today's variety were vegan, made entirely with whole wheat flour, containing no eggs, butter or milk products. Definitely not ordinary, but decidedly delicious. Want the recipe? I'll be posting it on the recipe page of our website in the next couple of days. Go to and click on the "recipes" tab on the left.
The Farmers' Market is now open in Americus Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. I found some beautiful local cantaloupes, watermelons and peaches. Today, we had fresh cantaloupe topped with blueberries from our garden. The blueberries are just about finished in our yard, but, everyone else's are on the verge of ripening. So, hopefully, we'll be able to get some more soon.
The main course was an egg and cheese pie with mesquite smoked turkey accompanied by oatmeal raspberry pancakes topped with raspberry maple syrup. This recipe for oatmeal pancakes does not contain any oil or butter making them considerably lower in fat than many other varieties. By using a smoked turkey instead of a pork product in the entree, this was a very healthy and satisfying meal - low in fat, high in whole grains and fiber and plenty of protein.
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