Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre Mother's Day Tour in Americus

This is the view from the veranda. The oakleaf hydrangea have an intoxicating perfume.Looking the other way, still on the veranda, the canna lilies are taking over the side yard.
You can see the iris, the daylilies, black-eyed susan's and the cannas.

From behind the stone arch, there are rozeanne geraniums with pink and yellow echinacea on the opposite side.

The oakleaf hydrangea, from the front of the house, appears to be overflowing with blooms.

Another view of the hydrangea against the veranda.

From the side yard, looking west towards the front, the parrotia tree has leafed out.
You can see the pecan tree on the right, the ruby lorapetalum left front, goldmound spirea towards the center and the huge azaleas to the left of the parrotia. In the far right corner, knock-out roses and little gem magnolias.
A closer look at the goldmound spirea shows how it got its name.

A close-up of the flowers on another variety of spirea.

The first blooms of the crinum lily.

Come see the garden for yourself at the Americus Garden Inn Bed and Breakfast.
You can make an online reservation request or call us to reserve today at 229-931-0122
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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